Alex Russo, Kurt Gregory


Not dating


Made out while Alex was still dating Mason and Kurt was still dating Veronica

Kurlex is the ship between Alex Russo and Kurt Gregory.


Alex and Kurt first meet when Alex tries returning Mason's watch back. Instead of finding Mason at his apartment, she finds Kurt in a white shirt. Confused, Alex asks who he is. Kurt introduces himself in the simplest way possible by saying, "I'm Kurt, Mason's roommate."

Alex then asks him to give the watch back to Mason for him, and he does.

Alex stumbles across Kurt again at the sub shop, and Kurt asks her if she wants to hang out later, and, Alex awkwardly accepts, since Mason was away helping his "parents". 

Alex and Kurt meet up at a bar later that night. And, after they drink, Kurt and Alex get in Kurt's car. They talk for a bit, and, Kurt kisses Alex. Alex, shocked, pushes him away. But, blinded by his looks, they kiss again, but, not just kiss, they make out. After about 10 seconds, Alex pushes him away. The whole ride home was awkward. 

Alex tells Mason two days later, and Mason doesn't really get upset. Mason admits he slept with Veronica when he was younger. Alex gets upset, and they end up breaking up. Alex goes to Kurt, upset, and, they end up kissing for the last time.


  • Alex and Kurt were cheating on their partners.
  • Alex admitted to Harper that she thought Kurt was "sexy in a way no-one could describe."

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