Damn, you don't know how much I've been waiting for this day. Today is my girlfriend, Alex's birthday. When my alarm clock struck 12:00, I literally got ready in a minute. But, unfortunately, my roommate, Kurt, woke up. 

"Dude! Turn that off! My girlfriend is coming an about an hour."

"Yeah, like you have one."


I laughed, grabbing my coat, I left, but, not looking, I bumped into a girl. I assumed it was just another girl that lived on the same floor, but when i saw her face, the memories that were once shattered somehow got fixed. It was Veronica. Veronica Washington.


"Hey, Mason." she said, laying her coat and purse on my couch. She sat next to me, laying her head on my shoulder. "What's wrong, Vero?" I asked. She sighed, "Kim hates me now because I've been hanging out with you." she replied. 

I lyed my head on her head. We looked at each other, smiling. What's shocking is that we aren't dating. We were just friends. We're probably in the friend zone. But, I felt nothing like that. I actually loved her. Awkwardly, I held her hand. She turned her head, and smiled wider. I smiled, again. And, I felt like I had to do it. I had to kiss her. So, I did. I felt her lips in shock, but her lips relaxed. She put her hands behind my head, I held her hips. I felt her lips smile while kissing her. I chuckled, kissing her. 


"Ugh. What...what happened?" I asked myself. The alarm clock went off, I reached over to the clock and turned it off. When I rolled over, however, i pushed off a girl. Did I..Did I murder her? No, no, i didnt. She groaned when she fell. She turned her head, and it was Veronica.


'Get out! My parents will be home any second now!"

"Honey! I'm home!"

"Shit! Jump out of the window!"

So, I did. That was probably the lat

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